In 2007, I made a full mario hack as well as a few unfinished ones. I had played some over a couple years including Mario Adventure and wanted to take a stab at making my own. I found that screwing with environments and mixing them with landtypes they didn't belong with yielded some strange color mixtures not before seen in Super Mario Bros. I also was able to put underwater enemies above water and vice-versa. If you touch anything underwater you get hurt, while you can stomp on top of underwater creatures as long as they are above water and hurt them.

There are bugs I abandoned I may fix sometime but never got around to it in 12 years, so you may need to restart or cheat by testing them in a level editor. Later worlds have more levels while early worlds have 2-3 levels. Shit gets pretty difficult later on if you are into challenging mario hacks. I made these with mario hack tools long before Mario Maker came out on the Wii-U or Super Mario Bros X graced the PC freeware scene. If you would like to make hacks of your own, visit or and find some Mario Bros 1-3 level editors. I may someday make more with actual graphic hacks as well.

SMB: Jerry's Remix 2
SMB2: Another World (Single Level)
SMB3: From Hell (Single World)
Super Mario Bros 3 Pink