When I was eleven years old, I created a game style that graced hundreds of sheets of computer paper for like a year as I made art and stories for a simple board game book for one player. Later, around 2015 or so, I asked a friend in Mooresville, Indiana's Countertop Shop if I could have some scrap wood cut into perfect squares, enough to fill a box I bought at goodwill, to make this game for my kids. Playing it is simple and can be as difficult as you make it. You can have one player or to make it more fun take turns making boards in a multiplayer group. To create a "board," simply place a start and finish with squares in between, arranging them X-side down and flipping the last one next to the finish. You also need to flip some more at random but have no more X-sided spaces than 3 in a row. Then the first player rolls one die. Whatever you land on, move that number of spaces. If you happen to hit an X-sided square, it counts as a death, or injury, landmine, etc. and you must return to start. If not, it's the next player's turn. That final X must be right before the finish always for added suspense. The first player to reach finish wins. I suppose I should clarify a rule on who goes first, by simply making it official that dice rolls at the beginning pre-game should determine, and it should go clockwise if more than 2 players exist. This is a very simple to make Do-It-Yourself board game idea I'd mass produce if I could with illustrations and a way to take turns reading a card of rules determining how the board can be set up, but I'd rather make it available as a D.I.Y. project.