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Various skulls and shotgun shell light (from gas stations)
Doom Belt Buckle (from spencer's gifts)
LEHR.ME logo (ASCII generator online, forgotten source)
Ink & Quill, by Brianna Lehr
Illustration of me, by Brianna Lehr
Left menu doom megasite buttons (sprites extracted by self)
Top menu doom megasite buttons (Josh McGill and Brianna Lehr)
Dybbuk's Doom Stuff "Doom guy" by Brianna Lehr
Modbox -- all art on front pages by Brianna Lehr
GAMERIOT Logo generated by
space invaders out of floppies (self, 2015)
No Limits Blackjack, Thanatos, and Sin Harvest art by Todd Flanagan
Super Mario Bros title screen/text editor used by self
Project Warlock logos, David Key
X-Boards illustration by Brianna Lehr
Actual wooden X-Boards pieces by DJ Payne with
painting help by Val Whitewater
Fender Amp and Piano by Brianna Lehr
Absynthium covers pieced together by self from stock
Eyeball on "Delirium" by Brianna Lehr
Will and Jerry buttons and other artwork by Nate Vaught
Cherry Rounders illustrations by Nate Vaught/Brainvault Illustrations
[NOISEBOX.EXE] screenshots from Visual Basic by self
Logos from various sources, edited by me
Artwork by Brianna Lehr logo from
Actual mechanical heart logo by Brianna Lehr
AilaB logo from, all flamingtext logos generated by me
Ville illustration from stock.