It started with a three-piece band Noose in 1999 not having access to drums for practice but a tape recorder that had two speeds. We drove around stoned recording on low speed and giggling at high speed versions of stupid songs under the alias "Poopy Booby."

When I would get home while testing software after a while (well for two seperate nights) I would record under the alias "Cherry Rounders" which was inuendo and meant testicles. I would bring 11 songs to annoy them the next night, then 11 more the following weekend to do the same. I made a fake album cover mocking Marilyn Manson's mechanical animals with the number "15" hidden in it in the same manner. The album was called "I CAN DO 1T AL50" LP.

Nothing more was thought of this, but the WMAs were tucked away on my computer. I used a Yamaha PSR-220 and Goldwave. The following year I was experimenting with learning Mixman Studio and ACID. I came up with a redo of "Dung Nugget Meal" that did it justice called "I Eat Poop" as well as a few stupid new tracks not worth mentioning and a couple of remakes.

In the year 2000 Napster was found. This software was peer 2 peer file sharing and shared EVERY mp3 on your hard drive and let you download whatever you want upon install. This of course must have been when "I Eat Poop 2000" found its way to the hard drives of literally anyone that typed "poop" in the search bar. Thousands of people by the looks views and posts all over the place.

Early 2001 in like January a friend named Kevin from Noose called me up to tell me I had a fanclub. I certainly didn't think it was for Cherry Rounders because I had no clue it even got out. Sure enough, Yahoo! Groups included a fanclub for me some guy in Chicago made named Patrick Skerett.

After this, Myspace had a few members post it and start fanclubs. It just kept going and going. Newgrounds had one too. I thanked the guy and he thought I was being sarcastic for stealing music and took it down, when it was always free to begin with on Napster and NOT against my will. I had fame. on Youtube currently between two uploads there are 200,000+ listens. This shit is crazy.

In 2003 I decided to appease fans waiting on "something else" and redid the rest of the songs and added a few new ones. I called this LP "El Pee" and did nothing with it but mail CD-Rs to about 20 people and stopped. I then went to college where they were enjoying this too. At the time I hated the fact I was only known for shit I made testing software and joking around while serious stuff went unknown.

But in 2006 I wrote a story that built and built until I had 4 CDs worth of material written and one recorded. This is now called "The Lost Saga." and is available on this website from bandcamp.

In 2015 I discovered several places that posted music on iTunes/Apple Music as well as Spotify, Amazon, and all these other places. I settled with Songcastmusic because it was $5 a month and I got to keep all royalties. Weirdly enough after forgetting about it for like five years, I logged back in and saw that my balance was paid still up until now with royalties, and I had also made $800 to top that off. Holy Fuck! ONE SONG!!! I literally put up the single for I Eat Poop 2000 and gave up on it and came back to this?!?

So every month that I withdraw and talk about it, I think maybe I should redo that saga with all parodies except the I Eat Poop song and all the other songs that are now classics and go through with it. My final verdict is unknown, but lately I've been planning two other side albums "Window Lickin' Good" and "Waves of Nuisance." We'll just see what happens!