12.26.21 I have removed the external sites from the bottom and replaced them with an intro. They will be linked throughout the site itself in various places.

12.21.21 Updated Songcast Music Profile for stuff like spotify, etc. All albums that are currently available will be listed here, including the "shock" NSFW stuff from years ago. Speaking of, there's a COMEDY CORNER on the bottom linked to the very unfinished official cherry rounders website and landing page. Other than that I haven't done a lot of updating due to crazy work hours in peak season.

12.12.21 Well, work is consuming a lot of my time, though I am off today, so. hey. Might drink tequila after the christmas shopping, might web design later, might pass out and enjoy my rest. who knows.

12.06.2021 The New Noise Redux Series, as well as a complete redo of the page itself, is now on the Jerry Lehr Music page.

11.31.2021 I have planned in my newest large journal all of the external sites on the bottom in outline draft. Soon I'll have the filler ready to translate and fill in. I will be hopefully doing this at work if I'm on a certain job area where I can occasionally jot things down. That is not a promise.

11.30.2021 Moneycards work wonders! Now I have another month of neocities without a card being on file. Only the top section works! The full external websites on the bottom are all works in progress, starting with Doom.

11.29.2021 Due to fixing up a hacker's mess, I do not put my card on anything, even neocities. Currently I have no subscription but will. If you came to my page a lot before I lost upload capabilities for a while, You'll see many updates that weren't shown until later. I'll be getting a money card soon and paying my neocities bill because I can't NOT upload. It's just not in me anymore. Since these updates aren't confined to one line of a paticular length anymore and I sized the new window with courier font wrong on purpose to achieve this even in the past updates, I can make them a lot longer now ;)

11.23.2021 I've been up all night and I can't say I've really done much, just uploading stuff to be used on the doom page
11.22.2021 Server reconfiguring for the new year. The first four noise vaults are ready for free download or $1 streaming
10.13.2021 I have started a long and crazy process of redoing all of my old music. Synth with Guitar, Guitar with Synth
10.04.2021 Because of yesterday's discovery, I've started uploading all my sites again. DOOM is coming back!!!
10.03.2021 I have discovered CyberDuck/WebDav. Now I can just upload my entire site instead of going folder by folder.
09.29.2021 The archived childhood rap tapes from 4th-6th grade are here. I'll work soon on getting more converted.
09.28.2021 Archiving childhood rap/guitar cassettes to MP3. These may pop up somewhere on here sometime soon.
09.27.2021 I finally finished all the writing on the descriptive part of Jerry Lehr Music, inc. Absynthium and future
09.26.2021 Updated some links on the MODBOX links portion, not the 6-game first portion. The Cesspool has more too
09.21.2021 The Miscellaneous page has been added, and finished. All of the links go somewhere and all have content.
09.20.2021 My wife's artwork, Arts By Bee, is now included, and finished, for the first time in its own existance.
09.19.2021 Offday. got GTA5 and FiveM recommended by my brother. Haven't played yet. Still reworking a lot of the site.
09.16.2021 This site is now super minimal as I put it back together. Still on geocities.ws but under 'dybbuk'
09.15.2021 SHIT IS BROKEN! Geocities.ws denied my service so in the next couple days I'm quickly migrating my stuff
09.14.2021 I have added to quite a few pages within the Cesspool of Links. Also, migration to geocities.ws still going
09.13.2021 day two of migrating all I want. One huge perk is that neocities doesn't like to put outside sites in iframes.
09.12.2021 migrating all files to geocities.ws unlimited hosting. address remains the same, just want to one-click upload
09.11.2021 tonight/this morning in the AM, I'm working on Cherry Rounders and Will and Jerry subsites with goofy shit.
09.10.2021 For the DOOM Megasite Project, I've linked all of the megawads page's graphics to actual downloads/links.
09.02.2021 Downloaded four programs in an attempt at making interactive fiction: Quest, Squiffy, Twine, and Inform 7.
09.01.2021 X-BOARDS FRUSTRATION! is complete. All 13 levels. See how to play/make then give it a try!!
08.31.2021 The new site design is now current. I will update as the rest of the side menu options are finished!!
08.30.2021 The site is getting a SLIGHT redesign. The menu will be on the right and have sub-options. Currently offline.
08.24.2021 CD Purchase link on Jerry Lehr Music with all albums, news blog added, rearranged albums
08.22.2021 'Plugged' album now has a CD. See music page "Noise Diaries" for details. New Quake is FUN!
08.14.2021 I have now reverted to a website shell from November of 2020. I used the newer "middle" pages
07.25.2021 'Makina' page updated on Jerry Lehr Music to reflect bandcamp info. Cool 3D cube added to top left.
07.24.2021 The site is already changed over offline. I slaved for hours. Just awaiting permissions for the layout.
07.23.2021 I "borrowed" a script from neocities user METAMORPHOSIS who had also borrowed it. New layout!
07.21.2021 I have officially finished the newest 2021 album "PLUGGED." others (redux of noise diaries) to follow!
07.19.2021 Heavily updating the tapes menu for "Jerry Lehr Music". Information will come to each page soon/tomorrow
07.14.2021 Working on a new album called PLUGGED. I have just broke 300,000 views!!
06.30.2021 Be sure to refresh the college frame. I will soon have a GAMES.EXE self-made minigames section
06.28.2021 I have linked up BADLEVLS and NITEMARE to the original doom mods section. The mods are available!
06.27.2021 I have won 1st place on the neo-neighborhoods annual Lunar Awards! Huge honor considering the 2nd
06.26.2021 I am in the process of redoing the full original doom mods section. The contents will take a long time
06.21.2021 Project Warlock 2 now has 16 tracks for theme 1 to pick through, 5 for theme 2, and like 6 for theme 3
06.20.2021 Added 8up.neocities.org to sidemenu with X-Boards official. I've been working on Project Warlock 2 now
06.19.2021 Moved the X-Boards site away to its own neocities.org page. Click the X-Boards graphic still to enter
06.18.2021 My wife finished off the artwork for the modbox addendum. Now the quake logo plus raven games exists!
06.17.2021 Did a lot of non-computer stuff today, one Project Warlock 2 track, and my wife's Wolf3d art is up!
06.16.2021 My wife's sketch of Commander Keen has been implemented into the modbox addendum. Wolf3D soon!
06.15.2021 More artwork by my wife for the purpose of this website will be integrated soon. More band samplers too
06.14.2021 Now added: Awolnation, Alt-J, System of a Down, Green Day, The Offspring. No band pics on anything yet.
06.13.2021 Friends were over, no web design. Now: Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots added to band samplers
06.12.2021 Favorite Bands Additions: Beck, Dandy Warhols, Nirvana, The Presidents, Pearl Jam, and Garbage. More soon.
06.11.2021 I have finally altered the favorite bands section to be an embedded frame. Nine Inch Nails works first!
06.11.2021 10 Mods for Doom You Absolutely Need Nice article! The rest of today was, the dentist. Vacation's over!
06.10.2021 American McGee made a 90's DM map? Nice! Also updated the doom2.net/dybbuk minimilistic profile.
06.09.2021 Me again, drinking, I'm drunk hi. I just embedded my two favorite college video projects. The rest, no.
06.09.2021 Happy Birthday To Me! June 9th, Sixty Nine! Doom Basic Cheats added. Going to work on Warlock II tonight
06.08.2021 Finished Doom Minisite's Alphas Beta Sharewares & Patches Section. Now the Doom ISOs page is linked right
06.07.2021 Re-added Keen and Wolfenstein 3-D Mods. Working again on college area: Added Shadows. Need Videos now
06.06.2021 Full website uploaded to Neocities now. I'll upload as I go. The Modbox: Mario section is complete!
06.05.2021 OFFLINE UPDATE: Updated College Games. Might upload early unfinished for project warlock 2 news.
06.04.2021 OFFLINE UPDATE: Added Pi and College/Clickteam. Updated Warlock subsite. Erased right frame of dybbuk
06.03.2021 Summer time! Super updated site, mostly if not all finished, coming Fall or Winter 2021. Enjoy for now!
05.29.2021 There is a lot of work to be done. If you are just getting here, A lot of this setup isn't functional :(
05.28.2021 The dybbuk and doom megasites have now been included with this site. Now maybe I'll finish the doom one.
05.27.2021 I've decided to mix a hell of a lot of old websites up into one, then have the dybbuk site seperate.
05.23.2021 right now I am working on a secondary gaming website based off of one from 2000. It'll be done soon!
04.16.2021 currently done with one simple simple 10 minute-made level for Z-Chambers 4 (Doom). doing more! HAHA
04.01.2021 the static show has 2 episodes available under the miscellaneous section. They are going to be 80 mins.
03.30.2021 warlock hitting PS4 in physical disc format with soundtrack. Static Show 1 has been uploaded to youtube
03.08.2021 pc having blu ray burner being installed with 12tb hd and some repairs. Luckily everything is on a usb drive.
02.26.2021 site now broken up into smaller bits. not everything is moved. I'll get to that, and update accordingly.
02.25.2021 theville.boards.net started. Hopefully I'll reach a thousand boards again but this time have people use them.
02.19.2021 Here is Luke Wilson, my partner for Project Warlock, doing a related podcast also about his music.
02.18.2021 removed discord widget box. Too many errors on the server. Doom megasite migrated to neocities now
02.16.2021 in the breakroom at work very early due to blizzard. Created a full media player section just underneath here
02.15.2021 too many updates to list! I was off two days. Enjoy! The page has quadrupled in length since two days ago
02.14.2021 new Beck /w Gorillaz. Squadron 51 looks fantastic! Tapes: Nocturnal Obeisance, Valscharuhn, & Longmoan.
02.13.2021 visit to friend Allen's came with gifts! 3D Printed Space Invaders Guitar Picks and by request a Doom Logo!
02.12.2021 lots of site changes and updates cosmetically. Inclusion into award sites and neocities neighborhoods.
02.10.2021 Learned about NES Maker and found 60+ Nowhere-else-to-be-found Nintendo game roms on that site.
02.04.2021 Working on a Dungeon Synth album or two I may or may not ever release ;) Gatherum:Sanctum and Odium
02.03.2021 Added social media links and various profiles section. Finishing up on X-Boards Frustration. A PDF will happen.
02.02.2021 I added from old plans three more levels to X-Boards frustration, but I have 4 more to go. Varients also.
01.31.2021 Top secret soundtrack still in works 14 finalized tracks in, Static Show on hold until bored again.
01.30.2021 Yep. New format in less than a month again. This is an all-in-one pager, Lots of red and orange
01.15.2021 More writing on THE STATIC SHOW at work, several menu upgrades for website.
01.12.2021 I have been debating starting a mostly-music podcast for my original stuff called THE STATIC SHOW
01.07.2021 I mean, of course I made a new format. Did you expect me not to? My wife's art is still here though ;)