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Before, when this was just up on /idgames archive, the only way to access these levels was to extract the lump NMARE1 from the insides of the Nightmares 2 wad I was so embarassed. Maybe if I named things without numbers it could have been forgotten forever.

This fifth level collection was me figuring it all out more. There were no doors yet and millions of bugs. However, for the most part, the levels differ in layout and shapes. I think I actually did Battlefieldz and Chambers 2-3 after this but who cares. Lets just pretend these are jokewads and call it a day.

The section with these wads probably should have been called something like "My Very First Doom Levels" or something to that effect. But since the title screen of this paticular wad proudly boasts "(SUCKS)" I think that would have misled people into believing there is any shred of "good level" available. These are up here as a joke!

One of the comments when I accidently threw these up for review without realizing that was the next step, stated that labelling the title with "SUCKS" was a cry for undeserved sympathy. No man, it's just fact.

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Doors and Floors, etc. This was a pretty good start to figuring things out finally, so this file got its own release to be (that I didn't expect to be) reviewed on doomworld's idarchive file system of course. These are all 7 a precursor to Doom Chaos 3 that had no prequels like I had planned, but hey!

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Complete with an awesome classical soundtrack, this is the first mod that I let others in my household play when I was young. These were also made for my adopted younger siblings that spanned 5-7 years younger than myself at the time, so traditional DOOM was too hard for them. This concludes the extremely laughable/horrendous wastes of time. Doom Chaos 3 is actually pretty good for a mid-90's wad. I am sad it was never on a CD-ROM of doom levels even by accident when shovelware for doom was popular. I would have put stuff out way faster than I did after this!