These ISO files are public domain, as the companies who released
these did so by charging for free material, and have since gone under.

3D Game Alchemy - Doom 1+2 Heretic Hexen (Sams Publishing).iso
4-Ever Doomed (Cypress Software1994).iso
1001 Nights Of Doom 1995 wicked Sensations.iso
Absolute Mayhem (Quantum Access).iso
Boom 3 Classic Power Pack.iso
D!1000 (Gametek 1995).iso
D! Match (Wizard Works 1995).iso
D!ZONE - Over 900 New Levels (WizardWorks).iso
D!ZONE 2 - 1000 Levels for DOOM & DOOM II (WizardWorks).iso
D!ZONE GOLD - 3000 Levels for DOOM & DOOM II (WizardWorks).iso
Deathday Collection (Microforum International 1995).iso
Deathmatch-The Ultimate Game Player's Kit 7000+ Levels (Micro Star Software 1996).iso
Demon Gate (Laser Magic).iso
Demon Gate - Mega Collection (Laser Magic).iso
Doom ''Univers Paralleles'' (Sybex) French.iso
Doom Accessory Pack - Volume I (Modern Microware).iso
Doom Accessory Pack - Volume II (Modern Microware).iso
Doom Accessory Pack - Volume III (Modern Microware).iso
Doom Accessory Pack - Volume IV (Modern Microware).iso
Doom Companion Edition 1995.iso
Doom Extras (Software Solutions 1995).iso
Doom Fever 1995 (Maple Media Inc 1995).iso
Doom Heaven 2 (Most Significant Bits 1995).iso
Doom I & II Add-on Levels (Explore The World of Software Inc) 1995.iso
Doom I & II CD.ISO
Doomware Developer's Network CD (CyTech Codehouse) 1994.iso
Doomworld Top 100, Sigil 1.21, The Lost Episodes of Doom.iso
H!ZONE for Hexen and Heretic (WizardWorks).iso
Hell To Pay (WizardWorks).iso
Instant DOOM Levels (Sams Publishing) Doom 1+2 & Heretic.iso
Maximum Death for Doom 2 (2400 Levels 1996).iso
Maximum Doom (Free Compiled from id Software themselves).iso
Mega Doom 3 Add-Ons.iso
Megadoom Adventures (Pacific Media Worx) 1994.iso
Megadoom II.iso
Might and Magic (for Heretic).iso
Supergames Volume 2.iso
The Doom Game Editor.iso
The Doomsday Disk (MMM Ltd 1995).iso
The Gaminator.iso
The Home Edutainment Collection Vol 4 - 3D.ISO
Tricks of the DOOM Gurus (Sams Publishing) 1995.iso
Ultimate Add-on Collection for Doom 1+2 (Softkey).iso
Ultimate Doom Companion (Powersource Multimedia).iso