Well, it's old, but it's still very fun on occasion. I spent a lot of my high school days when not playing in a band or at school messing with doom and various mods. I even tried to make some of my own, which I will admit, weren't at all great. I figured it was fitting to start with these, so that I can keep things chronological. Here are my very old and mediocre wads. Lots of accidental "Hall of Mirror" effects from messed up textures on the earliest wads. I had a rough start figuring things out, so we will call my first wad Chaos '95 then Nightmares of Loki '99. These were still considered kind of mediocre by the standards even back then.

I have also worked a little here and there on a classic doom megasite. This has been a work in progress I guess for a few years now, and I had just recently restarted work on its layout and inner pages. There's really not much to look at other than the artwork of the buttons and even that is messed up because the buttons themselves on the left have two columns, the old and the new, so I can find the gif files easily in the future when I finally do finish them all.

In the meantime of waiting 20 years to eventually create the Otherworldly megawad and keep starting over, I made a few stinkers I never really put anywhere. The first was in 2002 and I redid some sections in 2005 and called it The Hollow Grounds. This was supposed to be the first level to the previously mentioned megawad, but I decided not to keep it or even finish it. Next, I planned a huge series called Abaddon and made one level and a few other levels/pieces later. The premise was that doom never existed, and these games in an alternate universe did instead. The first was going to be a wolfenstein mod then the fourth heretic. The fifth would have been hexen with a lot of reds, as well as Quake being the gamebase for the last. Never happened either. Though I accidently deleted my first semi-public mod in 20 years, Unicorn Palace, off of my server, I'm sure I can eventually find it later in my website backups of abandoned websites. Most recently, there was a community megawad project known as Oops! All Techbase which features a touched-up version by mistersector of my original level that became MAP14. He did a great job! I hope to get to this point in some of my free time. The level is called Inhuman Resources and was actually named the most fun by a twitch streamer.