Welcome to a pointless creation that will waste both of our time. If we have the same interests you might find this to be a good place to frequent in the future. There'll always be something new I'm doing in my spare time for this page and I've been making pages for fun for over four years now. As you can see I finally started liking the whole designing more than the content but I'm mixing my old pages to make this have just about everything. This page is set up as a toy browser in case you come here often like I do. There's an escape button on all of the versions of my home page in the top right corner. This welcome message is very lame and it will change, sorry. By the way, this page does take a while to load at times but those who come back will have the reward of it instantly loading (almost). Sometimes the page changes and your computer still uses a copy of the old one so reload pages every now and then with the button on the top









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