What the hell is a screen resolution and why should I change to 800x600?

If you cannot see all of the previous page then you probably have it set to 480x600 which was the old default for windows. If you haven't noticed already most pages and programs require an 800x600 screen resolution because it makes things look better and you can see a larger area of space on your computer as well. I finally made my page for 800x600 because I was sick of dumbing down the page and having to switch to 480x600 to see if it looked okay.

How the hell do I change my screen resolution to 800x600?

Minimize your open windows enough so you can see some of the desktop and right click (if you have windows 95/98) and select properties. Click on the settings tab and move the screen area bar to the right until it says 800x600. Don't go TOO far, because some monitors can't handle it, plus it'll look like shit anyway. Apply these changes or just hit okay and accept them. Reboot if you want to or if it makes you. If you have a video card there should be some kind of icon for it in the taskbar that allows you to change your desktop settings but they're all different and I wouldn't wanna fuck up your computer by telling you to do something that isn't even feasable.