Oops! All Techbase MAP 14


Oops! 2.2 Beta 02.20.20
MAP14 Current Revision 02.29.20

Slight change here, I made a good level that was.... liked! I of course had help though from a guy named mistersector as I had requested since I didn't have time to make the second deadline. I was trying to decide if I liked the title Hellivation or Mayhem Machine but a new title Inhuman Resources was chosen for me, and I actually like it better because it fits doom and the project more.

I promise when I'm not creating f_ckaround wads like currently to make things a little more detailed, and learn from the help I got in doing things like this myself. I will include the original draft I had made when I find it. I know it is in discord I just don't feel like doing all the searching right now.

There was a twitch video I'll also find later where the guy called this map out as his favorite. I will admit it is a fun map, though I borrowed the giant multi-entrance elevator idea from my old loki game from back in 1999.