These may be some pretty shitty creations from way back in 1995 when I was merely 14 years old, but to me they bring back fond memories outside of the realm of doom itself. You know, real life, family eras and whatnot. I'm sticking these here simply for fun, and because they exist. You won't find anything state of the art even for '94 on here. It was not to my knowledge that uploading these long ago led to a /newstuff chronicles review board of any sort. My apologies ;)
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This is when shit got real so to speak. 1-2 levels would come to be their own formats, and I was well on my way to piecing together what would finally become a real set of levels (kind of). Even though the title screen shows the title and has (sucks) written underneath it, and the only way to get this mod was to extract it from another mod via a lump editor, it stands in history as the first time that I got other formats to finally start working. "Linedefs Without Sidedefs Don't Play" and it took me forever to realize just that simplicity. The next two are also Nightmares level collections, where I test doors and things.

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Doors and Floors, etc. This was a pretty good start to figuring things out finally, so this file got its own release to be (that I didn't expect to be) reviewed on doomworld's idarchive file system. I had assumed when you uploaded a level to FTP that it got moved to its ABC folder and that was that. Instead, they're all up for constant review since 1995-1996 on Doomworld's website. These are still precursor mods and what I probably would consider the first would be Chaos'95. There were finally complete levels that were actually unique and had puzzles. There was also a ChamberZ tribute on there as well. I also used a lump editor to hide some pretty weird things in these files.

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Complete with an awesome classical soundtrack, this is the first mod that I let my older sister Elizabeth play. These were also made for my adopted younger siblings that spanned 5-7 years younger than myself at the time, so traditional DOOM was too hard for them. The next mod, Doom Chaos 3, renamed to Chaos'95, is the official first mod that I will mildly consider worth taking credit for. It was still considered primitive in the comments, but weren't they all. At least it had several levels whereas usually that isn't the case. Also, the maps are usually better on first released attempts. Since I'm giving myself a second chance and LOKI'99 is the final of this phase, My name will be Lokust on releases from now on.