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I hate writing the first line of anything. Welcome to my world. There is also a Fancy Version where the main page takes up lots of pages and graphics (as well as the entire screen) in case you have Microsoft Explorer and a 800x600 Screen Resolution and wonder or care what page designing skills I have. Then you can see all the self-made backgrounds and break the boredom of the same page for everything, but I thought this small page would be more convenient for those with a slow connection or those who could care less. The fancy version has its own navigation bars to break the monotony of the same browser and soon will have different schemes to break its own monotony. The Fancy Version is Still Heavily Under Construction for now though. Peek if you want but I wouldn't suggest using it yet. If you do not see a button underneath the pic to the right, your browser is incompatible with the fancy version.

The main thing here so far is all the music pages I'm going to be making. I'm only making a couple big devoted fan sites and the others will be links but the muzakfiend's asylum will be a good quick page for those with the same musical taste as me. The two fansites I have so far are Necronymph's ICP Exhibit and the KMFDM Retrospective Page. The bands section is slowly growing one band at a time and will continue until music is dead (which might be possible soon due to all the teen bopper bands becoming the top of mainstream like Backstreet Boys, Marilyn Manson, and Limp Bizkit). Yeah, Korn probably fits in the genre too but they are still good musicians who didn't let fame completely distort their ability to kick ass where most other bands lose their creative independence.

Also for the early visitors of my pages I still have all of the ol' school doom games up I made back in the day plus some new extras. There isn't much in the games section but I'm not into many games anymore or at least not at this time. I occasionally jump into multiplayer quake 2 but there seems to be a few thousand out there that have had a little too much practice if you know what I mean. If you want to help keep the DooM community alive, grab an editor and begin because that's where the remaining DooM exists, in the level manipulators. Post your modification or creation to tha DooMSHaCK or have me put it on my level post (on the left in the games/doom section).

The Humor Section is growing once again and I have found some of the old stuff from my earlier page that some of you kids might remember.

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Bloodhound Gang
Coal Chamber
Fear Factory

Kottonmouth Kings
Nine Inch Nails
Stabbing Westward
Type O Negative
White Zombie

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