Welcome back to the late 90's with web design. I made this in Frontpage Express 2.0 way back when and found it, replaced things, kept mostly everything else intact graphics-wise, to make it more like an old school doom page. Since I no longer own Frontpage Express nor will it run on Windows 10, you can imagine how fun this is in the upmost sarcasm to try and edit! Honestly, it really wasn't that hard after I figured a few things out, and I backed up all of tthe originals for myself still.

Anyways in all my past experiences of modding doom I royally sucked and had no clue there was this thing called Newstuff Chronicles on doomworld where anything i uploaded to the free /idgames ftp back then would lead to harsh reviews. Even if they are not normally harsh, my shit sucked and it was just there because I had fun making it more or less. I also just got doom in that timeframe. I have no excuse, however, for the four year stretch in which Nightmares of Loki was made. Although I mentioned source ports in the 2003 text file upload when I finally put it up, I had no clue they even existed before! I guess you can consider that an excuse because I would have been all about the ACS scripting if so.

Anyways again, all that aside... I made one good level so far, and I got help from a gent named mistersector with the fine detailing. It was called out as one of the best maps of the group mod, which kind of freaks me out. See any other wad but Inhuman Resources from Oops! All Techbase to see why I was so confused. !!

As with many people for other reasons, if you need a good laugh... check out my past. Seriously though click anything from early mods or loki. Haha! Enough has been said.

Have fun!