11-20-2018 20-IN-1 v0.003 gobbler without ai works now, as well as breakfree (breakout)

11-19-2018 20-IN-1 v0.002 a couple more games started

11-18-2018 20-IN-1 v0.001 now there will be 20. I'm going to have fun!

11-17-2018 10-IN-1 is a basic menu system made to look like atari graphics, with 6 of the 10 games started but very primitive. This will be my next "big" game achievement replacing hambone on the clickteam chronicles

11-16-2018 Caverunner! a simple test in ladders and bricks again, only with brianna's graphics she made for me to test things with. Atari-style Flag Test with source file. Galaxy Invaders! Super-Alpha Version started today for later testing. Brianna did the pixel art for me. Ham Bone! is released. This is my first game this year I made on my own and includes the source for basic clickteam learning. Very basic and simple to make!

11-15-2018 Here is a Dice Test and Arrow Keys Test, Here is a Ham Smoke Test and Portal Trigger Test

11-13-2018 Consequencus Plans are being made into a game with stolen graphics. Unfinished!

11-12-2018 Ladder and Treadmill Test (No Graphics). small source file included.

11-12-2018 here. Parallex scrolling, a few other layers. done for now... source file included

11-12-2018 Added scrollscreen, 600 coins, super jump. Platformer002. added slight sound and music

11-11-2018 Began Platformer001 with help from allen @ flashcadabra.com. jumping/coins. w/SRC 1.4mb