JULY 2012
Over a decade has passed since a small taste of accidental internet fame caught the attention of the creator of cherry music for the composition "I Eat Poop". Thoughts of remaking the very first recordings have passed his mind, but more importantly a series of albums with comic-book issue numbers is planned for cherry's future, starting with his return from a "deserted" past, the second coming of cherry rounders will take the place of issue #1 as the beginning of a long series of WTF albums as of yet unfinished. The recordings for the first issue will take place in just a couple of months when cherry's creator (Jerry) finally buys a descent professional microphone. JANUARY 10, 2012
(Update: Videos Fixed) Even though only a fourth of the tracks are complete at this point because I have stopped again (but plan on continuing later this time), the official plans for "Welcome to the Wonderful World of Cherry Rounders" MP3-Rom's release have been made. Everything I do from this point on will be released as an MP3 disc, such as entire careers of one-man bands I create, six-disc soundtracks I make, an entire collection of releases I made that were never really released of music made using the software orion, and now every cherry album. They will be put in an Armaray case, so it doesn't matter if there is so much I have to add a second disc, because all of the cases will match, and one day maybe I'll make a box set out of them. You'll be able to buy each one as soon as they are manufactured, but I'm talking in the far future here. The first Cherry Rounders release will have all of the sub-albums that make up the first album, and the second disc will have the albums "I CAN D0 1T AL50" LP from 1999, "EL PEE" from 2003, "THE LOST CHERRY BROWN RECORDINGS" From 2005, "Welcome to the Wonderful World of Outtakes", and "Welcome to the Wonderful World of Remixes". Now I don't need all the art Nate probably dreaded having to plan to do, just Cherry crucified on the cover which is already done, and all I really have to do is record the music, render the album-length MP3 files, gather the outtakes, make some remixes, and it will be ready! Cross your fingers for a release in 2012!

AUGUST 31, 2011
At the moment, Will and Jerry is putting on shows. So all of our time spent together at Will's studio is spent practicing for the Halloween show on Oct 29th and putting together the album NSFW as fast as possible to sell at shows.

As you can see, my first live experience was overwhelmingly awesome: