Cherry welcomes Mexico into his life by singing a song all about beaners!

Cherry Sings The ABCs of Sex (Demo)
This MP3 is a demo version of the ABCs of Sex song when cherry teaches kindergarden. It was from way back in 2006.

Cock Out
This WMA is a song from "The Greatest Album in the World" about things you can't really do when your cock is hanging out.

Desert Scat Orgy
This WMA is meant to be the shocking intro to "The Greatest Album in the World". It's pretty sick!

El Concerto De Cherry Rounders
This MP3 is a collection of the 3 songs "I Eat Poop/Kangaroo/My Butt" in Spanish.

I Eat Poop Live
This MP3 is a remake of the classic I Eat Poop song suitable for the new album.

It Don't Matter
This is cherry's first venture into the world of drugs aka the downward spiral. It's about pot and how nothing matters when you're high. It of course leads to other drugs.

Jesus is Watching Yoo
This is step 3 of Cherry's rehabilitation whilest he is in prison wrongfully. It is about finding Jesus.

Kangaroo 2007
This MP3 is the 2007 remake of Kangaroo, meant eventually to have live sounds and fit into Cherry's first concert of the "Welcome to the Wonderful World of..." album.

Livin' In A Dumpster
Kind of a Michael Jackson sound. This song is when Cherry is at his lowest, almost, and he is living in a dumpster.

Loved By You
This song is about stalking a lesbian, wondering if there could ever be a way.

The Cockloaf
This is the second prison song, initiating Cherry via the cockloaf. Brown Frown does guest vocals

The Tuna Train
This WMA is a silly little song about a choo-choo again. only this time it's a fun sexy party!

Welcome to Prison
This is the first introductionary prison song, when Cherry is first welcomed to prison.

Whole Lotta Babies
This WMA is another shock track, and this is an early version, which will probably be remade or appended to.