Cherry Rounders
JULY 2012
Over a decade has passed since a small taste of accidental internet fame caught the attention of the creator of cherry music for the composition "I Eat Poop". Thoughts of remaking the very first recordings have passed his mind, but more importantly a series of albums with comic-book issue numbers is planned for cherry's future, starting with his return from a "deserted" past, the second coming of cherry rounders will take the place of issue #1 as the beginning of a long series of WTF albums as of yet unfinished. The recordings for the first issue will take place in just a couple of months when cherry's creator (Jerry) finally buys a descent professional microphone.

AUGUST 31, 2011
At the moment, Will and Jerry is putting on shows. So all of our time spent together at Will's studio is spent practicing for the Halloween show on Oct 29th and putting together the album NSFW as fast as possible to sell at shows.

As you can see, my first live experience was overwhelmingly awesome: