When we were set out to make our own first game other than the blackjack fix-up, The programmer had first wanted to try to make a side scroller called Castle Kingdom. This totally never worked, so in our last 4 weeks of a 10 week class we did a space shooter. The 3D Modelling teacher created the first boss. I've never been able to beat it far enough to get to the second boss, because I forget what it looked like and I guess I'll never know. The soundtrack originally consisted of 18 pitched tracks ("Songs From Orion Vol. 1") using Orion software way back in the day, but they only needed to eventually use 5. 1 theme, 1 for each main level, and 1 for each boss. This game almost got a 3D remake with multiple ship cockpit views, but unfortunately the programmer never found another artist. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD.