Welcome to the official website of a nuisance known as Cherry Rounders. There haven't been any recordings in forever because the initial purpose of cherry was always to test new music software and to troll and annoy. But fear not, because once again I have new equipment and new software. I've now rewritten a larger portion of this website since 2013 and included the first three issues of a lost saga I probably will never create, redo, or finish. The new album or ep, either self-titled or named "Waves of Nuisance" will be released digitally whenever. I will probably redo the usual songs and add a lot more. I will try to reach the 80 minute limit this time or even go beyond. This new creation will be more like the first, not hippity hoppity like the second or a huge production like the lost saga. The new album brings cherry back to his annoying chaotic roots for the sake of trolling the web. Thank you for visiting!

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