Starting with a band that will probably never play again, who only played when everyone left anyway, Cherry Rounders got his role while home alone as a solo project of a fake project, Poopy Booby. The year was 1999 and the sequel was started in 2000 just out of sheer boredom while the first was just to make my bandmates laugh and possibly to just annoy them a bit. The sequel contained the track everyone on the internet that knew of Cherry Rounders knew him by, I Eat Poop. There were some others that became redux material for later creations, but all in all I was just testing new software and a yamaha psr-220, the poor man's synthesizer, I bought from wal-mart. Where Poopy Booby was just messing around with a tape recorder when at that point they were pretty much obsolete, Cherry Rounders, aside from mix cds with added noise and other such scrapped messarounds and whatnots, was the very first computerized set of recordings I actually kept. It took two different days, one for each side of the album I CAN D0 1T AL50 which had a cover mocking Marilyn Manson's Mechanical Animals featuring my head on a nude woman's body with everything tinted blue, sporting the official Cherry Rounders hat I got from Big Lots back in '99 for part of a strange halloween decoration. My friend at the time's girlfriend suggested I was a rainbow for halloween while my date suggested a pimp, so I was both. I had every color of the rainbow including the hat being the now standard plain orange with green polkadots added. In 2000 when I started and quit the second album way early, I also left the recordings on my desktop in a folder called "Cherry2" and installed Shawn Fanning's NAPSTER which at the time was illegal/free file sharing software for primarily if not strictly mp3 files. I was found.

Apparently whoever ran out of songs to look for and got bored, would type "poop" and run into my I Eat Poop song and download it. This is similar to how I found the late Wesley Willis, basically searching for nonsense and fucked up material. Wesley Willis, much as myself though on a much larger scale, got his fame from file sharing services much like Napster. In 2001, my friend called me up and let me know I had a fanclub. I was certain it was for serious stuff, but had no clue how anyone found it since I didn't put it anywhere online yet. I had no clue I had actually been sharing the I Eat Poop song for like a year. Knowing my luck, all the hard work that went into everything else and I'm known for the damn poop song. So in 2003 I decided to completely redo a cherry album and call it El Pee to kind of give stupid to the meaning of the original acronym "LP" for album or "Long Play." You can find all the old material by clicking CLASSICS.

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