In 2017, I began the fifth installment, which is now the fourth, of the now Absynthium albums. It is followed by an outtakes CD of everything since 2005 I cut out, excluding some, up to 2019 called Lost In Oblivion. In June of 2017, after 8 tracks were finished that I decided to keep, I was "found" for the Project Warlock OST and work halted for this little collection. After the OST was finished, I resumed work and pulled a bunch of outtakes to make into songs and sped through this collection rather fast, in less than a month, finalizing what is now my least favorite album: Armageddon.

The small amount of time mixed with the fact I was just getting back into the swing of things also mixed with the fact things didn't have to be as pushed and well made as the OST made this album not so great in just my opinion. I was also exhausted from Warlock, and didn't honestly have a direction now. I just wanted to finish this set and move on to Continuum II and beyond. This collective had a dark theme, especially "Underworld" which featured a demonic vocal sample and took about ten minutes to whip up. This was the first album finished in my new garage studio project, began in 2018. After this one, I became more focused, had more outtakes again, I worked a lot harder, and I enjoyed the outcome a lot more.