In 2001 I started plugging my guitar into the computer and recording old stuff I made up in high school. There was a lot of variety which I've decided is my thing. I have no real genre picked out when I make stuff as I've gone from grunge to techno to metal to hip hop and even tackled other ideas that don't even really fit any sort of label. This collection handles the rest of 2001 tracks and ends in 2003.

2003 had a lot of other projects that won't show up here because they were meant as a joke to follow up a fanclub for a ridiculous song I had back in 2000 when I was just messing around and didn't realize that napster shared every MP3 on your entire hard drive. Other stuff was created for a soundtrack to a game I never went through with, and exists on my account if you click "OTHER."

Basically this was a full CD called Connect the Dots, only it has been split between Makina and Anamorphosis. The rest is a half cd collection of seven tracks called Anamorphosis I made as a demo with vocals that have since been stripped and forgotten forever. After not being pinned down in a band I got creative and you'll notice on the next collection things are a lot less sombre.