About The Author

I fill all of my media with stuff of course, but I like the looks of a lot of it. I still have floppy disks I decorate or have my wife decorate. I store documents and other small files on Zip disks, which started out holding 100 megabytes, while later versions held 250 or 750 megabytes. This is still under one gigabyte. A lot of old dos games with my high school tables and gamesaves. As far as optical media goes, I use cd-r's still for small mostly-music-related files and audio tracks. I burn movies to dvd and use dual layer dvds for data backup (and higher quality multiple movies). Now, however, I use blank blu-ray discs as my primary storage which hold 25 gigabytes if single layer or 50 gigabytes if dual layered. There are also 100GB versions but I haven't bought any (yet). Along with floppies and zips for magnetic media, I have a blank 8-track tape I wish to figure out how to fill with stuff cheaply someday just for the hell of it (but probably not) and over a hundred tapes boxed up and some on my cassette rack that I'm figuring out what to display on. Unfortunately I sold old atari 2600 and nintendo games as well as true copies of MOST of my dos games on floppy at a yard sale, but emulation is fun, and I can always find disk images to copy. Personalizing zips and floppies with weird names, as you can see, is what I had done since the beginning of owning/sharing a computer in 1994.