I will try to keep this short: I've made music for a very long time

I may share for giggles some tapes I made as a kid that featured multitracking before I even had a computer, or a multitrack anything. I took a stereo and a boombox and recorded over and over playing what was recorded in the stereo and using the boombox to record it, and whatever I'm doing or singing or rapping, back to the next tape. I was coming up with coherant piano stuff at age 4. Using the black keys only makes it always sound good. In the 7th grade I took guitar lessons with my first acoustic guitar. My first electric you can barely see in the photo is a white one, and the following was the one I've used for over 25 years, a black gibson M-III. This is apparently a very sought after guitar because of its extra frets allowing you to play even higher on the scale, so I've kept it.

I got my first computer at 14 in 1994 but still never used multitracking or music software because I didn't know it existed until 1999. So I have a plethera of tapes I might share excerpts from on here at some point.