Due to lack of space for recording equipment and computer goods, books, etc... my dad partitioned his garage and cut a quarter out for me to use as a garage studio/office.

This is an old pic, for the white 90's computer on the left is in my son's room now and the monitor you see has tripled in size and curved. I also have a gaming computer now and a 16 port hub, but hey, the keyboard is the same! All around are computer and music engineering books as well as knick knacks such as old atari miniature cabinets and whatnot. See that cardboard box opened sideways next to the laptop? Yes those are Zip disks. I still use magnetic media for some things due to its ease of finding things due to decorating the cases, as well as the compact size allowing just what I need to put on them. I also feel cooler putting a Zip disk in rather than a flash drive for some reason.

Unfortunately for this short lived mancave that had been in operation for 2 years but fortunately for me, our new apartment in May will replace this with our master bedroom. I'll still have airtight totes for a lot of the knick knacks and discs, as well as a shelf for all of the books, but as of May 2020 if it hasn't happened already, this area will be returned to my dad to either tear down, or use as he pleases.