My Favorite Things


So yeah I'm a bit odd. Down in the basement is about 4 times as many floppies and zip disks as you can see pictured here. My cassette shelf has a lot more "unshelved" tapes in the basement airtight totes as well as well as random boxes in the garage and in my bedroom closet. I owned a 50 pack of floppy disks a few months before I even had a computer just to download magazine articles on bands in text document format from software called "Infotrac" at the library in like '93 and early '94. Even back then, I named my shit weird names. As you can see, amongst many others, are the "Earbutter Cornflake" disk, the "Divide By Poptart" disk, the "Spongey Sunspots" disk, the "Season of the Goat Cheese" disk, the "Flaming Unicorn" disk, the "Seaweed Children" disk, the "Sunray Armadillo" disk, and the "Nazi Plumber" disk, featuring wolfenstein 3D and mario hacks and levels, hence the title.

Once I discovered some of the bands on bandcamp sold tapes, I found "Eyebawl" and "Angel Olsen" and bought a couple of tapes, and a vinyl for my wife of Olsen's "Burn Your Fire For No Witness." I'll probably get to adding a vinyl collection area to this page later. I also have shit from the late 80's up until the late 90's that I have recorded myself since childhood to near adulthood. I also years after the fact bought a tape recorder and stereo with a tape deck and made a bedtime tape for the kids as well as many mixes, tapes FOR the kids to record on, various guitar recordings for memories, and copied a TON of stuff from many old tapes onto one, like the "Jerry Raps 1992" tape that compiles rap songs I actually recorded in fifth grade. Before multitracking I'd just play music, record it, move the tape to a stereo and either add music or rapping, record it onto a different tape, and just keep swapping them adding to the mix.

A few years back I bought a USB floppy disk and basically started storing notes and random stuff on floppies and zips for the sake of finding stuff easier and having the option to decorate labels and little index pages for cases with images, stickers, drawings, and listings of disk contents that fold out into panels. I also have a Zip250 book (just a dollar tree journal with the logo glued on) with a set of these zips listing every single bit of contents on each of the weirder named ones that really one wouldn't guess. But will a Zip Drive play music in a car? Let's find out.


This is only a small portion of what I actually have. I actually have one I found that was very early 90's from 6th grade that I've apparently kept over the years in stuff without knowing it. Since like 2003 when I bought a hardcover journal for college I've slowly (then quickly) accumulated a TON of these things. I use to buy them almost as a sport and only fill a few pages before moving to a new one I had bought, then I just gave a couple boxes of them to a few friends and kept just what I wanted as well as saving all the papers I cut or ripped out that had actual writing on them in a small, yes small, box. Now I make sure to fill every one of them before I move onto the next. So far in 2020, I'm on "2020C" which is the #81007F and gold one to the right of 2020A in the photo. I'm allowed to write in these at work and since 2010 I've ALWAYS had a small leather pocket journal in my back pocket. Right now I'm on #130 of those, because I numbered them ever since the beginning. The DOOM MAPS red graph paper journal unfortunately doesn't get much love, but I've moved to using just that one book instead of rebuying graph comp books from wal-mart every single time I have a map or megawad idea. Now I know where to go! I have kept all 130 pocket journals. They are fun to look back through when I'm bored as shit or moving stuff around.


Butters, R.I.P. This is our replacement and new kitty, Winnie we got the day after Butters had to be put to sleep on December 2, 2019. Butters had an issue with his heart walls being too thick so he'd leak fluid into his lungs and he had hit an age where they started to fill up and only had a tiny window of time to live. It was a pretty damn sad day, but we got this derpy ass cat the next day so ourselves and the kids wouldn't be so sad about his departure to fill the vacancy of not having a cat.

Simply put, she can't walk right. When I come home from work she ALWAYS in the dark walks right to me in front of my feet and sometimes I tripped so I have to shuffle my feet now. She also will run from one side of the room to the other and just run directly into something or flop down uncontrollably almost. When she does run and you watch, her back always arches to one side and she can't keep a straight line for anything. But she's a pretty sweet cat.

So I call her derpy! everyone else just calls her Winnie.