The Recording Dungeon In 2018, after PAX East happened, I needed more space for recording and was about to buy a shed for our yard. Instead, my dad chose to partition his shed so I could come over to it and record some things when time allowed. It's also sort of an office, as you can see. All of my computer books are on a massive shelf along with books I bought for college that I've kept for reference guides from my multimedia degree. There are also several journals and "115" pocket journals. No, that's not a brand. I started planning things in pocket journals in 2010. It is June 2019. Amongst the various knick knacks, I have a LOT of saved games from the early 90s up until now in these little 12-disc audio book style cd cases. I'm about to buy another bulk set of 100 more to organize even more stuff and possibly sell handmade boxed sets. The amp and 90's computer in this dated photo is gone. I needed a new one so I sold the old one, and the computer is in my son's room so I have room for a few music keyboards. I still have a plethera of floppy disks and zip disks, and believe it or not, still buy them just for the hell of it. The sounds and smells of fresh out of the factory floppy disks and the limited text-file space makes them good for storing ideas that I'd normally lose on a modern computer do to too many files even with organization, as I write out quite a bit of stuff and change it frequently. Don't worry though I back things up on my own computers. But the laptop you see had a "beer" accident and a bug crawled inside the tower and shorted it out. So much for that! So when it has walls, I'll put a new tower in.