About The Author

Ever since 1994 when my family got their first computer, a 486 Packard Bell, I've been playing dos games. You know, the kind that came on floppy disks through mail order once you bought the shareware! DOOM is the most significant and what's funny is I wouldn't have bought the full games had it not been for the level editors. I was more interested in Corncob 3-D (for the same reason), Nitemare 3-D, Wolfenstein, Quake, Duke Nukem 1-3, Paganitzu, and other such shareware-to-full version upgrades. I still am slightly active in the doom world community, still occasionally mess with level editing, and hope in the future to run a doom library megasite which I plan on actually finishing. I owned the id anthology, the 2 SAMS Publishing level design books, and a lot of other stuff from the day and stuff I backdated and bought from then recently.