I mess around with game design, or have in the past, and NEED to do in the future, because I've had some fun ideas. Making things is more fun than enjoying them. The process is the most fun for me. I've made 500+ tracks for various soundtracks and for everyone else's listening pleasure. I've dabbled in different genres, some I made up, like Makina's "primitive machine techno" stuff, and I hope to screw around in dungeon synth, egyptian stuff, hell, metal itself. I may provide vocals again to things which aren't meant to be comical but serious. Most of my tracks, however, have no voice. This is how I like it, because I'd rather the focus be on the music itself. Lyrics can ruin a song, music itself like classical can be enjoyed and interpreted however one wants. I am assuming a lot of artists choose to be cryptic and up for interpretation even with lyrics.

Anyhow, I started piano when I was like 4. Sure the original pieces weren't Mozart, but I had a lot of fun. While in the womb I heard nothing but classical for nine months apparently. I guess my mom's wishes worked and I'd be musically talented (I hope you feel the same haha). I took real lessons briefly but jumped to guitar in the 7th grade when I got my own acoustic and made up chord pattern after chord pattern with off the wall beck-style lyrics. View My Steam Library