My name is Jerry. I live in the absolute middle of nowhere surrounded by cornfields near Indianapolis, Indiana. Since currently I work quite a bit, I have a lot less time for all of my hobbies, so I am finishing this website and updating it every now and again when I make something new.

Those hobbies include making music for either the hell of it, or video games. I don't usually charge much for my already made music if you want to snag some. If you by chance want to instead employ me for your project in the realm of music, shoot me an email with a dollar sign and some digits and I'll likely follow through. Keep in mind again due to work and family my schedule can be pretty tight at times.

I am the musician behind Buckshot Software's Project Warlock, which this website probably makes obvious in a lot of places, and I have been pretty proud to accomplish a five hour soundtrack for just one game.