About The Author

My name is Jerry Lehr. I live in the middle of nowhere near Indianapolis. I work at the post office, a lot, so I have a lot less time for my hobbies. I will because of this finish this website's final draft and upload as needed.

These hobbies include making music for either the hell of it, or for commissions. If you have a project that needs music, shoot me an email with a dollar sign and when work, errands, or family stuff aren't going on, I will gladly help on another project.

I am the musician behind the independant company Buckshot Software's game Project Warlock. It was called upon for 65 tracks, but including all of the outtakes I whipped out 105 in half of a year, totalling exactly five hours. I've been pretty proud of the entire team and how well this game did. The creator was only 19 at the time of its release, and I predict a lot more games to come.

Thank you for visiting, and always feel free to visit again to see what has changed!

I will try to keep this short: I've made music for a very long time

I may share for giggles some tapes I made as a kid that featured multitracking before I even had a computer, or a multitrack anything. I took a stereo and a boombox and recorded over and over playing what was recorded in the stereo and using the boombox to record it, and whatever I'm doing or singing or rapping, back to the next tape. I was coming up with coherant piano stuff at age 4. Using the black keys only makes it always sound good. In the 7th grade I took guitar lessons with my first acoustic guitar. My first electric you can barely see in the photo is a white one, and the following was the one I've used for over 25 years, a black gibson M-III. This is apparently a very sought after guitar because of its extra frets allowing you to play even higher on the scale, so I've kept it.

I got my first computer at 14 in 1994 but still never used multitracking or music software because I didn't know it existed until 1999. So I have a plethera of tapes I might share excerpts from on here at some point.

Due to lack of space for recording equipment and computer goods, books, etc... my dad partitioned his garage and cut a quarter out for me to use as a garage studio/office while we are camping out there for a while.

This is an old pic, for the white 90's computer on the left is in my son's room now and the monitor you see has tripled in size and curved. I also have a gaming computer now and a 16 port hub, but hey, the keyboard is the same! All around are computer and music engineering books as well as knick knacks such as old atari miniature cabinets and whatnot. See that cardboard box opened sideways next to the laptop? Yes those are Zip disks. I still use magnetic media for some things due to its ease of finding things due to decorating the cases, as well as the compact size allowing just what I need to put on them. I also feel cooler putting a Zip disk in rather than a flash drive for some reason.

Unfortunately for this short lived mancave that had been in operation for 2 years but fortunately for me, our new apartment in May will replace this with our master bedroom. I'll still have airtight totes for a lot of the knick knacks and discs, as well as a shelf for all of the books, but as of May 2020 if it hasn't happened already, this area will be returned to my dad to either tear down, or use as he pleases.