Mario Hacks

Welcome to Jerry's Remix of Super Mario Bros. Submerge yourself in an alternate series of realms from the brick and steel of world one, the blue levels of world two, the pink and green water levels of world 3, all the way up to the dark waters of world 6, the heaven's gate castle levels of world 7, and the all-castle evil and scary realm of world 8.
World 1-2: Savestate
World 2-1: Savestate
World 2-2: Savestate
World 3-1: Savestate
World 3-2: Savestate
World 4-1: Savestate
World 4-2: Savestate
World 4-3: Savestate
World 5-1: Savestate
World 5-2: Savestate
World 6-1: Savestate

Savestates included are for the FCEU Emulator. If you would like to download this game, click here for the patch. If you would rather have the rom itself, click here instead. If you are interested in viewing screenshots of the entire game, click here. There are currently no walkthroughs or cheats available, other than savestate files. There is a sequel to this version of Super Mario Bros called Jerry's Remix 2. Its levels are a little less weird and more challenging.

World 6-2: Savestate
World 7-1: Savestate
World 7-2: Savestate
World 7-3: Savestate
World 7-4: Savestate
World 8-1: Savestate
World 8-2: Savestate
World 8-3: Savestate
World 8-4: Savestate
World 8-5: Savestate
World 8-6: Savestate
Small Tutorial: How to Play the Hacks ..................................................

(basically i started making other games
and just now thought up names)

World 1 Only, 2 Levels to Go
Download what's done so far...
No Level 1, No Airship, & Last level needs improvement

A Work In Progress, Click Title
for a more Detailed SMB3: From Hell [expansion]
page or Download version 3.16.07

What would Super Mario Bros 3 be like if it were all like world 8? B-bombs, cannonballs, bullet bills, everywhere. Each level bears a darkness much like its predecessor. Click the Super Mario Bros 3 From Hell title image to view a large page of what it includes. Only the first world was ever done, but its a pretty difficult little mission to accomplish.

Single Level for Super Mario Bros 2
After level is complete, it just starts over,
but it's a really nice level. Download Here

Unfinished. Levels Thrown Together. Abandoned?
Screenshots were taken directly from Level Editor
Feel free to
Download it and give it a try.