I'll be 42 years old in June of 2023.
I love authentic Mexican restaurants.
The game I play the most is classic DOOM.
Also, I don't play doom all that much.
My music software DAW of choice is ACID.
My piano roll software of choice is ORION.
I am married to Brianna "Bee" Lehr. [Her Art]
My daugher Aila Rose does Art as well.
My son austin probably has close to 10,000 legos.
He multiplied big numbers in first grade.
I live in central Indiana in a housing complex.
I have three cats, Clovis, Ramone, and Daisy:

My guitar is a gibson M-III from the 90's.
It is a rare breed with extra frets.
My generic bass guitar was $40 on ebay.
these are a few of my favorite things.
way back before the noise vaults was noose.
I was part of many Games and Videos in college.
I hacked Super Mario Bros long before Mario Maker existed.
I suck at guitar hero and rock band.
Honestly, I suck at doom too.
I am not the best level designer either.
I don't like my own music.
My favorite band is no longer Nirvana.
I don't really have a favorite band anymore.
I haven't seen most of my favorite new show.
Rick and Morty is my favorite new show.
Rick and Morty isn't new at all.

I started the Project Warlock OST in July of 2017.
I finished it in January of 2018.
My "Second Nature Studio" looked like the two pics above.
I had over 200 zip disks until 2022.
I also collected floppy disks.
I have over 2,000 optical discs in 20 binders.
Long before warlock, I started synth music in 2005.
Here was my command center in a 2006 apartment:

I used to use a real keyboard.
It was a Yamaha PSR-220.
I can fold a 6x6x4 post office "gaylord" box in two seconds.

Most recent studio pic, 2023