Onward to modern day, I have had some random ideas for maps and full mapsets. To the left was just a slapped together test map I made for my wife with some sort of unicorn MIDI track, recolored purple stones, and six boss areas. I also used ACS scripting for a couple cool rainbow lighting effects within the level. Little One is one I made in 2021 in 20 minutes just a few weeks ago with a basic synth track. It's not that good.

Other ideas I've had were PIXELART.PK3 which was going to have all 256 pallette colors as textures and faraway "pixel art" of several enemies using those. ABADDON was to be a doom mod about a game made in an alternate reality where Wolfenstein 3-D and Doom were never made. Instead, it was the Abaddon trilogy. So if it gets made expect all hell levels. My best mod will be called Otherworldly which I wrote a plot for in 2002 but kept rewriting over and over through the years and not making the mod yet. Lastly, a trilogy called "Make It Go Away" also featuring "Follow It Home" and "Send It To Hell" will be your typical 8-level mapsets made to feel like old school DOOM, either that or they'll be jokewads. I haven't decided.
How To Install/Play !DOOM!


My first level in several years was done with help from a man named mistersector. It was map 14, inhuman resources, on a megawad in 2019 called "Oops! All Techbase." It's a doom II mod where EVERY level is set in a techbase and we were given a small packet of textures to add to our levels. All in all I liked my level but I almost quit due to the fact I sucked at detailing and I read a comment when I wasn't there that it "was just not good at all." I realize after the fact the comment was made about someone's own map that originally took the slot I took way before, so heh. Anyways mistersector detailed the shit out of it and some Youtuber considered it his favorite, so kudos! DOWNLOAD!


I am currently off and on working on two very mediocre (on purpose) pk3 files for GZDoom. The first is ZChambers 200, which is a 200-level redux of my very first doom level. I made the original trilogy of 72 levels for my special needs younger adopted siblings so that they could experience an easier form of DOOM. Later, or more recently, I've added some GZDoom stuff like slopes and whatnot, to test things for something (or things) I create in the future. Neither of these creations are finished. The first 9 episodes are from 1995. Everything else is from 2022.


Here is the other of two very mediocre (on purpose) pk3 files for GZDoom. This one is for my wife. She wanted stuff like I made in the 90's, like all 90's wads rather, just with a little more detail. This suggestion was after I made a few levels so the details will kick in later (or I'll redo some stuff). I picked all her favorite songs I could find in MIDI format except for "Touch of Gray" by Grateful Dead, which I could NOT find, so I just slipped the MP3 into the PK3. This means it won't be released on /idgames because of copyright issues. Even though grateful dead's lead guy is, well, dead. It's out of respect. *Unfinished*