02.11.2023 I added all the "Dice Coins and Cards" games except Quadris still needs transferred to the computer from papers. Frustration has been rendered as a pdf file for alternate download/printing. The "My Music" section will soon have a youtube section for stills and a "Noisebox USB" section describing this "very soon" release. All that's left to complete before the release is the full Visual Basic menu system as well as the actual real artwork for the center of the cover, by Nate Vaught. Nate Vaught also did a lot of the Cherry Rounders artwork as well as the official cover for "Will and Jerry."

02.09.2023 Well, it's done! That's right. All that's left is a series of days involving me spending an hour here and there freaking adding hundreds of links to the cesspool of links. That's it! Enjoy ;)

02.08.2023 That should about do it! Everything works I think. All I need to work on is the "Cesspool of Links" section and of course add what songs I have for "Jerald Wonk." and delete "Mister Wenis" until I actually make the music.

The "Cesspool of Links" will be stored on the http://start.me service through my paid account, when I actually pay for it after the tax return when I have a small allowance for the website fundings.

02.07.2023 What was I saying about dropping off of the web site for a while? Ha, no. The All-In-One page is now split with a drop down menu I paid for. Yep. I'm also going to pay for the links repository. Both were only like $10 a year, much like the C-Box I already pay for too.

Anyways, this site isn't near complete for a couple days. You can still visit the one from last week and weeks before that was all-in-one right here. It's not gone yet. The new one will be exactly the same just split up and added to.

02.03.2023 Well today was a blast having a copy of my anniversary date night again this time with the kids. We ate at a very nice Mexican restaurant (Leon's) and watched the PG-13 horror flick M3GAN. Austin suprisingly was not in fear of his life, and I can mark one horror movie off of his anti-horror movie stance. We even hit up Barnes and Noble just like the original date night. In the realm of web design I kind of dropped off the main site for a while and my planning in books went from AI arrangements on Noisebox 1 to actual Trepstar.com Personal Archives collections only for myself to buy (Still getting there) with literally everything I've ever recorded since age 8 I've managed to keep (including tapes). A couple nights back I updated the cherry rounders' bandcamp profile/shop to have literally everything done under that character's name recorded since 1998. I have also recently purchased http://thecherryrounders.com to redirect to my neocities page on the subject, which is also embedded in this site!

01.20.2023 Offday fun! Ok so real life I had to get a lot of shit done today for the life and the family and the money stuff but this past week I stumbled (probably way late) upon AI Art generation on a site I can actually recommend. My AI of choice is definetely neural.love and it is completely free if you just need 512x512 images to play around with or use for random stuff. So yeah my tracks for absynthium, all 200+ have their own images now. I am embedding my wife and daughter's art and technically I did already now just above the "my favorite things" section, but they are going to have a huge upgrade/makeover to look like self-functioning real sites that actually took some good work to them. I am working next on "The Noise Vaults" tracks now having 100+ AI images, and then the real official paid-for-art-for-it "NOISEBOX ONE" in a CD Case with a USB stick inside for like 20 bucks. There are 300+ tracks, maybe even 400+ I haven't really checked all of it yet but there's 20 years worth of material. You're literally paying a DOLLAR for a whole year of music. To top it off I've already started on NOISEBOX TWO.

01.14.2023 I've been doing some small things here and there whilest planning for slightly bigger things like a Cherry Rounders redux saga, fixed from all the demo albums and FINALLY a thing. I'm doing this for the money haha. I get $30 a month in royalties from that one damn "I Eat Poop" song and I planned on adding to that since like 2015. I will restart the saga and give it a newer beginning, encapsulating the whole life of Cherry Rounders on multiple discs. It may be similar to the original 2006-2007 saga but with more parody than originals, so that it will come off more funny, and take some more work for the finished product. It will be sold on-demand on Trepstar as long as it gets an order every 300 days it'll be allowed to stay up, so please pay some respect and donate to the cause!

01.08.2023 The Kids have a computer again. Go stepdad Jerry! Anyways, it's a new year. I wrote a blog about it all. Things are coming things are going, etc etc. Just read the blog instead!