Project Warlock
A Throwback Shooter by Buckshot Software
Myself on Soundtrack Duty with Luke Wilson.

The games I generally buy on steam if not for my kids are throwback shooters. I even hung out on doomworld forum boards for years learning more to come back with more better levels. In my endeavors I met a guy named Iain Lockhart from Canada who wanted to form Team Erebus and make some levels together with my music. Months later after he had disappeared he invited me to talk to Jakub about making music for one of said throwback shooters! In October of 2018 this game hit and blew up! We've been on PCGamer magazine's website front news feed, Destructoid, Rock paper shotgun, you name it. The game is not only on both Steam and Gog, but now on XBOX ONE, The Playstation Store, and Nintendo Switch. On Jan 28th 2021 the switch release will also be physical, with a sticker and 3 trading cards! PS4 (June 9th 2020), Switch (June 11th 2020), Xbox One (June 12th 2020)

The Creator Was Only Nineteen At The Time
It took two years for this game to be coded, and on the PC release date in October of 2018, the coder and creator was only 19. The games wolfenstein 3d, doom, heretic, and hexen that this game emulates came out before Jakub Cislo himself was born.

We Were All From Different Countries
As the musician and the only American other than my sidekick Luke, I was the only one able to make it in April 2018 to PAX East. I hadn't ever been to a convention, so my first time involved me showcasing a game I was actually part of. Anyways, Jakub Cislo was from Poland, David Key from Germany, Ian "Erebus" Lockhart from Canada, Riccardo the SFX dude from Italy, and the publishers from "a gaming company" I got to hang out and have drinks with at PAX were also from Germany. We used discord to communicate. Buckshot software, has never met each other!

The Soundtrack Clocks In At Five Hours In Length
In half a year, including all of the outtakes that came with with the free OST, I made a five-hour soundtrack. Though this seems impossible, about one-third I had already made since 2005 that I touched up with extra drumming or altered to match the theme or level it was created for.

We Have Over 700 Reviews As Of Early 2020
Including the PC Gamer giants, GManLives, and destructoid, there are over seven-hundred reviews in various languages written from all around the world. It was also unanimous I've gathered that we did a really kickass job!

Circa 2018, PAX East. Boston, Massachusettes.