06.04.2021 Summer time! Super updated site, mostly if not all finished, coming Fall or Winter 2021. Enjoy for now!
05.29.2021 There is a lot of work to be done. If you are just getting here, A lot of this setup isn't functional :(
05.28.2021 The dybbuk and doom megasites have now been included with this site. Now maybe I'll finish the doom one.
05.27.2021 I've decided to mix a hell of a lot of old websites up into one, then have the dybbuk site seperate.
05.23.2021 right now I am working on a secondary gaming website based off of one from 2000. It'll be done soon!
04.16.2021 currently done with one simple simple 10 minute-made level for Z-Chambers 4 (Doom). doing more! HAHA
04.01.2021 the static show has 2 episodes available under the miscellaneous section. They are going to be 80 mins.
03.30.2021 warlock hitting PS4 in physical disc format with soundtrack. Static Show 1 has been uploaded to youtube
03.08.2021 pc having blu ray burner being installed with 12tb hd and some repairs. Luckily everything is on a usb drive.
02.26.2021 site now broken up into smaller bits. not everything is moved. I'll get to that, and update accordingly.
02.25.2021 theville.boards.net started. Hopefully I'll reach a thousand boards again but this time have people use them.
02.19.2021 Here is Luke Wilson, my partner for Project Warlock, doing a related podcast also about his music.
02.18.2021 removed discord widget box. Too many errors on the server. Doom megasite migrated to neocities now
02.16.2021 in the breakroom at work very early due to blizzard. Created a full media player section just underneath here
02.15.2021 too many updates to list! I was off two days. Enjoy! The page has quadrupled in length since two days ago
02.14.2021 new Beck /w Gorillaz. Squadron 51 looks fantastic! Tapes: Nocturnal Obeisance, Valscharuhn, & Longmoan.
02.13.2021 visit to friend Allen's came with gifts! 3D Printed Space Invaders Guitar Picks and by request a Doom Logo!
02.12.2021 lots of site changes and updates cosmetically. Inclusion into award sites and neocities neighborhoods.
02.10.2021 Learned about NES Maker and found 60+ Nowhere-else-to-be-found Nintendo game roms on that site.
02.04.2021 Working on a Dungeon Synth album or two I may or may not ever release ;) Gatherum:Sanctum and Odium
02.03.2021 Added social media links and various profiles section. Finishing up on X-Boards Frustration. A PDF will happen.
02.02.2021 I added from old plans three more levels to X-Boards frustration, but I have 4 more to go. Varients also.
01.31.2021 Top secret soundtrack still in works 14 finalized tracks in, Static Show on hold until bored again.
01.30.2021 Yep. New format in less than a month again. This is an all-in-one pager, Lots of red and orange
01.15.2021 More writing on THE STATIC SHOW at work, several menu upgrades for website.
01.12.2021 I have been debating starting a mostly-music podcast for my original stuff called THE STATIC SHOW
01.07.2021 I mean, of course I made a new format. Did you expect me not to? My wife's art is still here though ;)