The money is good, the work isn't too bad, and I try to work extremely hard nightly. In fact, after just one year of being back at the USPS, I have already been promoted to Supervisor. I was scared to at first because I'm not the type, plus I'd have to supervise people I had made friends with and no one likes to really be supervised too much. In reality, my workers kick ass, and I don't really have to be all that bossy, just helpful.

Aside from paying the bills and the house payment, I have some hobbies I like to keep up with. Web design is of course on of the main ones even though it becomes a chore sometimes.

It will take some time to finish the contents of this website due to hours of being a workaholic at the United States Postal Service, but that definitely helps me in getting gear and software plugins. I try to sneak an hour or two each night and CURRENTLY am blessed with two back to back offdays.