I use generic and some not so generic digital audio workstations that were state of the art in the day when I started, but probably should take a stab at trying new things. I feel that if something isn't broke, you should just keep using it until it is. I've made coherent music since age four on the piano and listened to classical all the time in the womb. I've had a lot of different cheap and not so cheap brands of keyboards growing up that I had messed around with. Usually for fun until after I picked up guitar in the seventh grade and my high school band noose divided after I moved. I then had a computer to basically do it all on, with a bit of practice on different types of software. I stuck with ORION and ACID for the largest period of time.


I paint notes but I don't actually need to play the keyboard anymore. I know how, I just opt not to. Do you know what is better than one or two hands on a keyboard in a live recording? A preprogrammed piano roll synth orchestra of about twenty or more melody synth lines/instruments and drum synths layered into acid with guitar and even more chopped up drums added, ambience, sound effects, and a personal ten minute mixing session. While in college, I experimented heavily with new interfaces because I guess my music was too heavy for the games I wanted to make soundtracks for. What I wanted was basically advanced mario paint for adults that sounded like Nintendo or COULD sound like Nintendo. Then I found and fell in love (it was a process, I didn't just rush into things) with Synapse Audio's ORION.