I pretty much collect media. I fill all of my media with stuff of course, but I like the looks of a lot of it. I still have floppy disks I decorate or have my wife decorate. I store documents and other small files on Zip disks, which started out holding 100 megabytes, while later versions held 250 or 750 megabytes. This is still under one gigabyte. A lot of old dos games with my high school tables and gamesaves.

As far as optical media goes, I use cd-r's still for small mostly-music-related files and audio tracks. I burn movies to dvd and use dual layer dvds for data backup (and higher quality multiple movies). Now, however, I use blank blu-ray discs as my primary storage which hold 25 gigabytes if single layer or 50 gigabytes if dual layered. There are also 100GB versions but I haven't bought any (yet). Along with floppies and zips for magnetic media, I have a blank 8-track tape I wish to figure out how to fill with stuff cheaply someday just for the hell of it (but probably not) and over a hundred tapes boxed up and some on my cassette rack that I'm figuring out what to display on.

Unfortunately I sold old atari 2600 and nintendo games as well as true copies of MOST of my dos games on floppy at a yard sale, but emulation is fun, and I can always find disk images to copy. Personalizing zips and floppies with weird names is what I had done since the beginning of owning/sharing a computer in 1994. Here are some examples "Sunray Armadillo Disk", "Curdled Milk Disk", "Seaweed Children Disk", and "Flaming Unicorns Disk".

In the now as I type this, however, both of my zip drives on 2 computers, and both of my floppy drives on the same 2, are now nonfunctional. The vintage computer I put the zip in, has no usb ports. So it's basically without any I/O. UPDATE: It's at goodwill now.


On the top left, you see a file cabinet with what appears to be flash drives the size of business cards. They also fit in little trading card sleeves in a 3 ring binder but can often slip out. These are usually what I edit unless I use my 256g sandisk flash drive connected to my keys for the laptop

On the top right are my Maxtek 10-disc armaray cases with scrapbook inserts to house my BLU RAY RECORDABLES. These guys hold 25 gigs if they are single layer or 50 if they are double. Technically, 22.5 and 45 gb are the sizes (you know how that goes).

On the bottom left are my older traditional 12-disc media library audio book like cases that house cds and dvds. I have some stuff backed up on these, as well as much larger collections pictured in the middle right.

On the bottom right are MOST of my optical media blanks. There are CDs, CDRW's, DVDs, DVD-DL's, BD-R's and BDR-DL's. Soon I will have BDR XL's that house 100GB though I'm not sure my new blu ray recorder can handle it. If you're media crazy like me you've probably already realized the amount of DVD quality video files you can squeeze on a large capacity Blu Ray disc. I have one I tried to put 81 disney movies on but unfortunately Nero quit on me, so it failed after 2 days of waiting.

I'm planning on backing up every single business card 64g flash drive to blu ray either on one 50g or two of them, plus extra stuff. I also plan on ordering more cases of every type and having a full on media library shelf from top to bottom of everything possible. Once I get Nord, movies will follow.

So if you know me in real life and know a guy that knows a guy that wants movies, let me know ;)