After the nuissance songs of Cherry Rounders from 1999-2007, 2008 involved me starting over with Will Henry for some smarter yet raunchier stuff. Some of the tracks actually had some cleverness behind them, such as Trippin' Mario, Nuttin Butt Luv 4 My Homiez, The Lost Ninja Turtles, etc. Most of it was just shock though. We put on three shows in Indianapolis, and one in Will's backyard.

The actual album, The Primitive Collection, contained most of the songs from the six unprinted eps found under the audio tab on the microsite, and was released in the quantity of 1000 for absolutely free to whoever wanted one, and about 925 people across various cities during events we went to who may not have wanted a copy :) One instance inpaticular, involved us handing it to a couple, the guy of said couple threw it down the alley, and the next day I got a message on the Will and Jerry facebook page that some guy found it in a puddle down an alley and wanted to congratulate us on creating the weirdest funniest thing he's ever heard in his life. So there was a lot of positive to go with the negative, but I started to lose interest in all the raunch and shock and wanted to do more tracks like Army of Me Pt. 1 or Super Breakout. You know, smart or mild stuff. Not the kind of stuff that if not free probably could have gotten us arrested in some way.

Will is currently in 2019 remodelling his kitchen but will soon have a garage studio and in the springtime I'll move my stuff back to the garage studio of my own. We have agreed on less raunch and more wit. I'm ready to see what unfolds if you are.















The New Will and Jerry album coming someday soon will be recorded in a combination of Will's garage and my own. It will have less raunchy tracks though we can't just completely change it up that much from the original crazy nonsense that was, or we'd need a new name probably. So far I have three sci-fi story songs written much like Army of Me Pt. 1 but unfortunately that song itself never had an actual sequel planned, so none of them are part 2.

There is inuendo but no flat out raunch so far. Data Transfer will be a nerdy love making song with technology and computer themes as metaphors, done in a cheezy voice. TV Dinners was just written recently at Will's house using sort of an 80's 90's tv theme he came up with on the piano. Math Not Meth as seen above is no longer a Jerald Wonk song but officially a Will and Jerry track from here on out.

The three sci-fi gems are already written, but no music has been created or chosen to be used. Otherworldly and Otherworldly 2 are both on the backburner and you guessed it, involve the plot to the doom 2 mod I wanted to make as sci-fi "rap" songs. The other is called Time Out, and though written may have some polishing done before the final draft. As a reward for reading this and being interested, however, you may read the first draft in full, written at the beginning of 2018 sometime in February I believe.

I have planned two 4-5 song eps in the style of the original eps that made up The Primitive Collection when it was finally printed in 2011. They will grace bandcamp for sure, though I don't know if we'll attempt to tag a price tag on them or not. The others, no, never, but those were promised free, and this one wasn't.


Jerald Wonk happened in 2015 when I was basically just fucking around. It takes the new word "Wonky" I learned from my now fiance which is a british term for screwed up or weird. The only recorded song I wanted to keep was "Math Not Meth" though there have been like 30 others along the lines. "Math Not Meth" is now a Will and Jerry song to be recorded for the new stuff, but I really want just a fuckaround solo bandname for nonsense I do on my own that doesn't necessarily even have to be funny to others. I have a cassette recorder (80's 90's style) bought recently, brand new, and they still sell Maxell tapes at Walgreens and Onn tapes at Walmart. The reason for the tapes is so that I don't have to screw with computers when I have dumb ideas I just want to record and forget.

My first new run was about a month ago that I'll probably share here eventually featuring the songs Stale Farts, Seizure Salad, Moldy Bread, and Pumpkin!. These were dumb and just for the hell of it, but they are going to be what the entirety of Jerald Wonk is all about. Stupid music for stupid people. Like before with Will and Jerry, I selected some Cherry Rounders tracks to redo as a more serious approach, such as "Nuttin Butt Luv 4 My Homiez" and in concert "Loved By You." I also plan on pulling a rewrite of "I Eat Poop" from Cherry Rounders with newer lyrics as either Will and Jerry or Jerald Wonk. Jerald Wonk will never print a CD. Jerald Wonk will be a bandcamp-only FREE music band for the curious. It's just fuckaround music for all time.