Abandoned Websites

      My special archives of old websites go all the way back to the year 1999. I used the handle "Dybbuk" back then for my free website, mainly for doom mods I never made. Also, MAKINA from noise diaries' first ten tracks were also labelled as "Dybbuk: Defined Static." Dybbuk's Dominion was NOT my first website. I started around 1994, I just have no record of these windows paintbrush wastes of your screen. Don't get me wrong, a lot of the archived ones I do have can also fall under this catagory of poop. Also, a lot can be pretty spectacular the later on you go. I will grace this page with thumbnail screenshots and multiple entries to the various websites I'm about to display. I've made a LOT because my ideas jump from one thing to the next. Hopefully my current website can house my current content, while one or some of these old ideas can be used for a different NEW purpose elsewhere. I love to experiment with these.

Dybbuk's World 1999

Muzakfiend's Asylum 2000

Tainted Web /w Hatechild Soft 2002

Muzakfiend /w Loki 2002

Loki's Realm WebBook 2002

Hatechild Software Popup 2002

Muzakfiend, Again. Popup. 2002

"Static" Popup. 2002

The Ville Community, Early 2003

StaticMF.com (Muzakfiend) 2004

Visions Plotwork Site 2004

Static's Homepage April 2004

No Limits Blackjack January 2005

Noise.StaticMF.Com Jan 2005

College Website Version 2005, Ver 2

Another College Website 2006


Jerry Lehr's Online Portfolio 2012

Another Early Ville Forums 2013

Cherryroundersmusic.com March 2013

Abaddongames.com March 2013

Megawads.com 2013

JerryLehr.Com 2013

JerryLehr.Com 2013

Tiny Orange Website 2013

Painted Pages, Dybbuk Test 2014

Orange DeLEHRiOUS.COM 2014


Blank with Placeholders 2014

Large Website for LED TV 2014

Regular Website for DeLEHRiOUS 2014
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