So I was invited to promote Project Warlock at a PAX East convention April of 2018 in Boston, Massachusettes. Unfortunately for our programmer he couldn't get a visa in time, and no one else was from America but me. I was of course scared to death before doing something this huge because I had never been to a convention let alone hosted a game display on one.

All expenses were paid but I also paid to bring my fiance along for support. We had good eats, especially the lobster ravioli (The only way I could get Boston lobster without leaving the hotel room) and fig pizza. This is how and where I discovered Uber drivers and food delivery. We also discovered that thursday night that all of the tickets had sold out within the past few hours. Fortunately that Saturday I was able to pay a scalper $100 for a Sunday pass so she could finally see me at work. This is also the day I proposed ;)

It was a pretty fun place, like a huge party for independant game developers and fans. Big name companies and all the independant booth renters got to co-exist on one plane for the tens of thousands of masses that had showed up to check things out. The photo to the right is myself and our two publishers. This gave me a pretty good idea of just how big this game was getting. Out of the nearly 600 people that tested the game, well those who grabbed a sticker, I heard about 2 ALMOST bad reviews, when in reality they were just constructive criticism about the early levels on the demo. I also got to meet New Blood and they all joined in to try out our game. These guys did Amid Evil and Dusk in case you don't follow independant games. This was probably one of the most exciting weekends I've had in a very long time!