After college happened, I decided to create a small storyline to group sped-up nuissance songs into an order that has a beginning and an end. It probably could have become an indie cartoon if it was better and had more attention put into it. Every CD would have had three parts, all with conclusions, and all 4 CDs would piece together and also have an overall conclusion and sequel. Its initial version was a CD and a half. I threw this idea out and had hoped to write a new version with a similar story with a little less craziness and raunch to be taken more seriously. It was going to consist of all parodies, still telling a story, and rocking out with 80s 90s and classic rock. I was even going to throw in some really bad hair metal for added annoyance. Alas, in 2012, I announced the death of cherry rounders to the fanclub and to the internet in places where cherry stuff was uploaded by other users, and all was lost.

The 3rds of albums were set up as follows:


01 The Return of C.R.
02 The Downward Spiral of C.R.
03 The Second Coming of C.R.

04 C.R. Live Acoustic Medley
05 Mister C.R. Sings The ABCs
06 C.R. Sings The ABCs of Crime

07 Over The Border with C.R.
08 C.R. and the Mexican Candy Factory
09 C.R. in Backwoods Brawl

10 Back To The Desert with C.R.
11 The Greatest Album in the World
12 The Trial of Cherry Rounders

And the lovely 12-Part sequel:
Cherry Rounders in Space!