Hello and welcome to my personal home on the web. My name is Jerry Lehr and so far you probably just know me either in person or as the guy that made the soundtrack to Project Warlock in 2017. This website has all of my small feats from the past and will as well have all of my contributions to music and gaming in the future. I live in central Indiana surrounded by lots of corn and nothing else to do.

Recently in 2017, I partnered with Luke Wilson, who shared the same guitar teacher as me in middle school, Randy Williams. We collaborated on Project Warlock and plan on doing more video game soundtracks in the future if anyone is interested and happened to find this website via the warlock credits at the end.

He runs the Absolute Audio website for his studio in Arizona. He'd definitely be the person to contact, as he's the one that does the contracts.

I got my start early on with a piano we had when I was about five years old, playing just the black keys, to make up my own songs. I took lessons in the 2nd grade I believe, and guitar lessons in the 7th. I made four random lyric albums (like Beck) around that time then later in high school joined a three person garage band like Nirvana only with more gloomy lyrics. In 2000, by myself, I started experimenting with music software I'd get at Best Buy (such as "Sonic Foundry/Sony ACID") and online (such as "Goldwave" and "Mixman Studio"). In 2001 I took a lot of old song structures I had built in a band and before and came up with more tracks from 2001-2003 of old material. I made a soundtrack available when you go to Loki's Realm on the classic doom incarnations page of 35 tracks in 2002-2003 and in 2004 finally started doing new stuff. These are all known as "The Noise Diaries." Then in 2005, I discovered piano roll synth programs like "Orion." This is when 8-Bit Armageddon began, as well as real soundtracks. I have my three college soundtracks spread into releases, as well as information on the various music pages here. After this I stopped with few exceptions and picked back up 2011 then 2013. In 2017 I was invited to Project Warlock, and from now on I'm keeping at it! And while we're on the subject, I listened to classical while in the womb all the time. Maybe that contributed!

In the summer of 2018 I talked my dad, Jerry Sr, into partitioning his garage out at his place for a garage studio/office instead of me buying a full-on shed and wiring electrical to it. This saved money and he was already in the process of cleaning the garage. It takes up exactly one fourth of the garage and has its own locking door and outlets, shelves made from old kitchen cabinets, and though I move my computer inside for the wintertime, the three other seasons consist of me spending off-time outside pulling full nighters concocting a lot of tracks per night and mixing.

That Luke Wilson guy I already mentioned in the introduction at Absolute Audio sent me a free M-Audio mixing board. I got the firewire PCI card it's just a matter of finding a working 9V AC cord that will fit and not being lazy. I also bought a graphics card in 2017 for the new DOOM back then that I have still yet to install.

As you can see, there's plenty of shelf room for my pocket journals (I'm on number 111 right now) and other journals, computer books, trinkets, binders, mini-arcade games, library audio-book style 12 CD holsters, drawers full of wires, around 400 sharpies and papermate pens, R2 pens from the dollar tree store that work better than anything for some strange reason and cost fifty cents, floppy disks, zip disks, Blank CD and DVD spindles (all stocked up in the hundreds), old cassette tapes, recorders, amps, guitars, keyboards, and probably a lot I didn't mention. This is like my mancave that I've nicknamed "The Recording Dungeon" even though it's technically in a garage, just because that was a cool name, and I still play old games and doom mods out here when I'm not busy with other stuff. It also doubles as Brianna's art studio and storage area in the spring, summer, and autumn.

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