While messing around with some software for advanced wave editing and my trusty Yamaha PSR-220 keyboard, I created a nuissance known as Cherry Rounders while I wasn't doing serious stuff. Technically it took 2 days of just a few hours to write out all of the stupid.

It was the last year my trio band existed, and we did our share of sped-up joke tapes on roadies in the middle of nowhere. This was like a fake solo career and precursor to the real deal. Weirdly enough I got a call in 2001 that I had a fanclub. I had no clue how not making this music available caused it to reach so many listeners, but learned peer to peer file sharing back in the day found and shared every mp3 on your hard drive.

In 2003, I decided to re-record some "classics" to have much better quality for what they were. This was just to appease the fanclub to a new remake CD of what otherwise would have been forgotten music. I had a few new ones that I added and mailed CD-Rs to members of the fanclub that wanted a copy, also printing a bunch to leave sleeved in random stacks at public locations such as wal-mart restrooms. I put a website address on them and since I forgot to add a counter, have no clue if anyone came. I put this down as I attended college but a classmate found it on my laptop and unexpected laughter ensued. People wanted copies, it was weird. After college I gave a try at creating an album series of songs that went in order to tell a story. See "Lost Saga" for more information