Until I get something reputable or worthwhile created, I'm going to keep learning this software. I may create simpler tutorials in text using more complex ones so that if I'm having a wonky day I can relearn the basics when I get back into it after a while of not, or for newcomers interested in the software to have a very simplistic how to. So follow along with me in life if you will, and I will teach you. My first venture into using this software was a very simple game called Invasion of the Zobs. I nabbed the word zobs from when I was about 10 or 11 making made up video game ideas in notebooks and the ship was triangular, possibly borrowing from Defender which I had played on my cousin's computer when I was little. I figured this would be a cool way to start, linking to my own childhood.

My friend Allen West of Flash Cadabra as well as more people, like my fiance Brianna Jones, are wanting to create a game called C.A.T., but I'm wanting to learn the ropes first before releasing a big hefty turd onto the world as my own first game attempt. So instead I'll have little morsels of game design here instead. Allen knows this software better than I do but would like to focus on artwork. So it's pretty cool of him to give me this opportunity. Not only is the Almighty Zen Taco going to review Project Warlock, featuring my first soundtrack, but he is also the maker of most of the tutorials in which I will be learning from.

See main page for clickteam fusion test updates and files.

NOVEMBER 16, 2018


This is a basic test of a few things. The physics engine with 8-directional movement and "bouncing ball" attributes set to the enemies. It has a lot of similarities to pacman only the board is more open, and once you finish it, you get the "Fin." screen. The player changes color depending on which direction he is going to test topdown view movements in a very basic way. If I made the blocks solid colors as well as the hambones, the name would have to change, but this would totally look like Atari 2600. There are no sounds or music in this one, only very simplistic gameplay that is pretty challenging but possible. The source file for clickteam fusion is available for learning purposes, the game (as all the test games will be) is free, and I made this one without any help at all for the first time, only memory of things I've learned before. The Invasion of the Zobs game did have personal additions that I figure out on my own, but the basic concept was taught to me. Hambone artwork by Allen West ;)



There are test versions on the updates log on the main page, but as of now, this isn't near finished. This will be 20 games if not more later, that I have concocted while learning clickteam. Most of them are atari knock-offs with generic names on purpose. If it ends up being cool enough to play or I judge it worthy enough to sell for 99 cents, I will try to sell it somewhere for those of you who buy stuff on steam or other places and have that last dollar and don't know what to spend it on. I will later add all the atari sounds I can, or other sounds kept to a minimum bitrate so that it sounds old school, and I will try to make music that isn't the allowed MIDI in the form of sound events that I figure out how to trigger, loop, untrigger at the right times, etc. As I go, I may end up with 25-in-1 or more as I keep going, and try to cover all grounds in various types of programming. This is what will keep me busy this winter, so it may extend beyond December, as I also make music for a little indie game by a 16 year old known now as Bloodknight. This is a for-fun project I may not make much for but I'm doing it for someone else just starting out that I met on discord before Warlock and decided to help out. But this 20-in-1 is my baby for now, and my fiance Brianna is doing all the pixel art. My friend Allen West I mentioned earlier is also teaching me a lot, but I'm also finding tutorials to help myself learn things as well. And of course like most programmers I'm playing the experimental guessing game with a lot of it. There will of course be hidden games, or scrapped games I left inside of the application. I'll give away the keys and where to type them to get to said bonus games when it's ready to be played. Hambone also exists in this with more levels, and I will probably add more in between and at the end.