Project Warlock

In 2017 I was enlisted as the musician for Buckshot Software's Project Warlock. I completed 5 hours worth of soundtrack in a half of a year but at the end asked for some heavy metal help from Luke Wilson, and thus Absolute Audio was born. Actually, he had already used the title and server for a local recording studio company, and I had suggested "Why Change It?" when we were trying to think of a new one.

There were to be five themes to Project Warlock. The first was Medieval, but it was actually the very last theme I had completed. Egyptian and Antarctic were the first, and then Industrial leading to Hell. The main theme was dead last as well as the newest Hub theme that Luke did entirely by himself.

Due to the fact I was the only American other than Luke on the team, when the time came to be promoted at PAX East, I was chosen to present the game, as introverted as possible and apparently doing a great job at being pretty chill about it. I still feel bad the other members of the team couldn't get visas in the short amount of notice that they had. Instead, Jakub presented the game on a screen playing next to me with this video.

The game released on October 18, 2018 on both Steam and Gog. Eventually, things would then lead to this live action trailer for the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and XBox One. The reception was overwhelmingly positive and the review that stood out the best to me, since I watched the streamer anyway, was GGGManlives aka Good Guy Greg. I watched this the next morning after release excitedly.

In summer/fall of 2020, I began working on the soundtrack for Project Warlock 2. The game is underway, there are live streams on the making of it, and all sorts of goodies on the Kickstarter that just ended, raising $35,000. You can get a pendrive, mousepad, steelbook, artbook, shambler plushie, to name a few. The first game looked like a retro wolfenstein 3D engine suped up on steroids. This one is more like Quake.