JULY 2022

Upon each visit, REFRESH FRAME!
  • Began "Emulation Museum" Offline. I'll upload when finished
  • Linked up all social media buttons at bottom to their profiles

JUNE 2022

Upon each visit, REFRESH FRAME!
  • Classic Doom Megasite returns, blank, to be completely reworked in the now
  • Everything has been fitted into tiles to fit into the new layout
  • Artwork by Brianna Lehr is now a dark site and not a white one
  • Cards Coins and Dice page is now the "X-Boards and other games" tile
  • Large versions of artwork for WJ and CR temporarily removed until further notice
  • IRC page created as well as channel #delehrious on
  • Sitemap handwritten at rapid speeds for entire site and personal site
  • A few pages here and there tweaked or added to Classic Doom Megasite. All of the 90's nostalgia CD-ROM levels now exist for quick plays.
  • More options merged into Cards Coins and Dice page, but not all are ready or migrated
  • Large versions of Nate Vaught's Artwork for Cherry Rounders and Will and Jerry added to front of pages