Everything but two releases is up. Omnium and Delirium are up, as well as the version of Makina that contains both years 2000 and 2020. The Noise Diaries is also available on various streaming platforms as well as all releases being available on bandcamp for ten bucks. If you click Continuum I and II you can listen to the full two albums on youtube. If you want to hear the full original soundtrack of Project Warlock, for now you must buy a pc version until I can get the permissions I want to get it out there for console players.


To celebrate my first creations on an instrumental EP "Defined Static," I added more machine music in 2020 and named this collective "Makina." The Bonus disc includes two lost soundtracks: "Otherworldly" 2002-2004, and "Euphoriac" 2005. The bonus material, though not available on iTunes or streaming sites, is available digitally on my website as a free download (or will be), with even more tracks included. "Otherworldly" was a game idea I've had since 2002, and "Euphoriac" is for a game called No Limits Blackjack in college, 2005 on jlehrjr.itch.io.

If you like guitar, mainly distorted guitar, specifically alternative, punk, industrial and sombre stuff, you may like these experimental instrumentals. The Noise Diaries is a time capsule of stuff I came up with in high school and shortly after, re-recorded in the span of 2001-2004 on my computer by just myself. Back then I used ACID (which I still use) as my audio workstation to piece it all together. Armed with a black Gibson M-III guitar and PSR-220 Yamaha keyboard with nothing else, I hacked and chopped royalty free loops to make my own and added sfx experiments to no end to create this beast.

For the best throwback wolfenstein 3-d clone I've ever seen, I was employed to do the soundtrack. The physical release will exist for players of xbox one, playstation 4, and switch who didn't get the free original soundtrack like the PC version. The first disc will contain the full five hour soundtrack in 320kbps MP3 format, while the second disc contains all-new remixes in audio cd format. This OST also features "Fear The Reaper," Luke's lost track. It also includes two versions of the 2019 summer sale track "Pandemic."

The beginnings of my purely synth experiments began in 2005 for two soundtracks in college. I discovered the now defunct software by Synapse Audio called "Orion" and went at it, orchestrating elaborate and not so elaborate fun music with the piano roll option. The Original titles were Songs From Orion I and II. These games are on jlehrjr.itch.io and called "Thanatos" and "Sin Harvest." Some tracks are dark while others can be full of melody and upbeat. There's a lot of variety here, and some of the tracks were used and remixed later for Project Warlock.

Though the first half of this wasn't really all that space-themed with few exceptions, both halves share one specific similar quality--They both seamlessly go in sequence track to track. I started the first half in my apartment in 2006 with no specific game in mind, but just a game in general. I was no longer attending ITT Technical Institute but my friends there needed music, so I made this. I was told it definitely rocked, but there was never any such game for it to go to. The second half began in 2018 and ended at the beginning four months of 2019 in April.

Starting in 2006 and collecting tracks up to 2018, Delirium covers quite a few small collections of songs. What was originally going to be "Songs From Orion 4" in 2013, is now six eps crammed into one large 2CD album. The EPs included: Nerverum 2006 (formerly Antagony), Procellas 2011 (formerly Polybius), Pixels 2013+2018, Dystopian 2018, Lithium 2018, and ends in Somnium 2018, an ode to sleep. These tracks I believe are pretty cool, and there is a lot of eerie and uncomfortable music that fits the themes, as well as eccentric melodies.